Lofoten, fiordos del ártico y auroras boreales Una aventura en el país de los fiordos, recorreremos y fotografiaremos los míticos paisajes noruegos, auroras y los curiosos pueblos marineros. View Viaje Brown Bear of the Pyrenees Expedition Expedition through the territory of the Pyrenean Brown Bear, an adventure to enjoy in the wild nature and try to see our protagonist. View Los Morales de Argovejo Hide Hide session in the Cantabrian Mountains. Have fun photographing the little birds of the town of Argovejo, surrounded by the Leonese landscapes. View Hide Groenlandia - Aventura ártica Expedición de aventura por Groenlandia, travesias en trineo en busca de osos polares, bueyes almizcleros y más fauna del Círculo Polar Ártico. View Viaje Deer rutting season in Pyrenees Observation trip through the Pyrenees, it is the mating season of the deer. The males come down from the high area of ​​the mountain emitting an ancestral sound View Travel Brown Bear of the Pyrenees Safari Observation trip to try to see the Pyrenean Brown Bear, we will go through some of the paths that it uses to look for its traces. View Travel

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