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Authentic wild nature in its purest form!

Nature as you have never experienced it before

Authentic trips in nature, the most real experiences around wild animals and different photographic tours trying to get participants to see and photograph wild fauna in their natural habitat.
They are expeditions with specialists according to the animal species to be observed, we have biologists, qualified mountain guides, professional photographers and trackers of the different wild animals.

Piros Explorer is the name we decided to give to a project that has managed to find a balance between conservation, research, outreach and nature tourism.

Today we are a travel agency and really wild expeditions in search of the most difficult animals to photograph on the planet, in countries like Norway, Greenland, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, India… But here below we leave our description from years ago , so that you understand our beginnings as a nature company.

Under the name of Piros Explorer, a multitude of tasks are carried out that revolve around wild animals and especially the Pyrenean Brown Bear.

Studies on the behavior and better understanding of bears, techniques in the field of location and effective tracking of specimens for later study, capture or documentation, environmental education workshops in bear areas, support for extensive livestock, and various projects that They will serve as a tool such as: documentaries, books and fauna guides updated with real parameters.

We carry out expeditions to finance the different projects that we carry out in a particular way with the species, trying to provide exclusive data regarding movements, ethology, behavior, location, methodology of approaching fauna, etc…

Also among the projects, is our collaboration with educational classrooms of all levels where we give presentations and talks to bring animals closer to people from our point of view.

Environmental education, support for university students, promotion of professionalism in the field of the environment, outreach, tourism, livestock conservation and support in livestock advice, etc…
Although today we are a travel agency and we also continue to work in the Pyrenees, where the Brown Bear finds one of its favorite places to rest accompanied by species such as capercaillie, chamois, deer, roe deer, bearded vulture, Golden Eagle and a list that seems endless in this dense territory with impressive corners yet to be discovered.

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